About Me

  My name is Joseph Fortune. I am a mathematics major studying at the University of North Florida and am employed by a local college as a math tutor. I have been married for almost a decade to my lovely wife and I thank her for tolerating all of the household items that I have destroyed in the name of hacking. I love all things electronics and coding. Most of my free time, much to the chagrin of friends a family, is spent bouncing around various projects. I suffer from project A.D.D. and usually will have no less than 3 projects in progress, and at least 4 in the back of my mind.

The ultimate goal is to become a professor and die drunk in a gutter. I very much enjoy teaching math (Learning it, not so much). Teaching also has the benefit of providing sufficient leisure time for external pursuits (more projects!).

The Maker/Hacker world is a lonely one, so I have created this blog in hopes of sharing enthusiasm and exchanging ideas with you other oddballs.

E-mail me at  joefortune11@gmail.com