In ancient times, there was no such thing as social media. Internet users held a web presence by building their own personal websites. It was glorious! My uncle aquired this domain for me in April 2003 (Thank you Uncle Mark) and did the same for his son, Marky. This led to a steep competition between me and Marky to see who could design the coolest website. Macromedia Flash was our weapon of choice. So fixated on developing a cool flash interface, we rarely got beyond designing the home page. Sadly, life moved on and we both left our domains to expire around 2005.

In 2009, I had somewhat of a technological renaissance and spent the next decade tinkering with programming and electronics. I tried creating blog and tutorial websites to share information that I had gathered along the way, but I'd always get burnt out quick. I spent to much time focusing on design and trying to get the CSS layout right as is expected in the modern internet. Well I gave up on all that fancy shmancy web design and am returned to my roots which is what led me back here. Nowadays, I just haphazardly post anything I've involved myself with that seems interesting.

One of the original versions of the website from 2003.
You can view it here, but I'm not sure how much longer Flash
will be supported.